An Update from David Henry Bezona

Dear Bezona Family,

I hope all is well with you and your respective families.  Brenda and I have been out of touch for the past few months since we’ve moved to the middle (almost) of the United States; St. Joseph, Missouri.  St. Joseph and the area around St. Joe on both sides of the Missouri River from Kansas City to Savanah is the center of my personal Bezona family; that of John Henry Bezona, the younger brother of George Albert Bezona.  George Albert, or G.A., is the Bezona descendent for most of you who will receive this email.  John Henry is my great grandfather and he is buried in a country cemetery just over the Missouri-Kansas border; just outside of Troy, Kansas.  After he was discharged from the American Civil War, he moved his family to a farm near Troy, Kansas.  George Albert, who called himself Bezoni after the war because his discharge papers were so written, eventually moved back to his farm in Texas County, Missouri.  He and his wife Rosetta are buried outside of a rural deserted church in Texas County.

The Bezona Family of this area is almost completely gone with children and grand children of my aunt Georgia Bezona Fisher Hape keeping the family reunion together.  The first documented gathering of the family I could find was in 1923 but we are sure the family has held a Bezona Family Reunion every year in St. Joseph or the immediate vicinity since 1925, so last year it celebrated its 90th consecutive year of meeting.  The reunion is always held the second Sunday of August and for most of those years; held in St. Joseph.

As most of you are aware, we were finally able to trace our heritage back to Italy through a DNA test between myself and Dr. Roberto Bisoglio, of Casale Monferrato, Italy.  The result was a 99.93%  exact DNA match between the two of us; proving our exact original Italian name of Bisoglio.  During this past year in June, an international Bezona-Bisoglio Family Reunion was held in the small Piedmont village of Lu Monferrato with combined family members arriving from as far away as Argentina and Australia.  Our American cousins came from Washington, Texas, Ohio, Hawaii, Colorado and California.  The Italian reunion was one of those “Once in a Lifetime” occasions and mostly created and led by Roberto Bisoglio and our cousin Mauro Bisoglio, who lives directly in Lu.

This whole search for my family started back in 1967 when an unknown cousin, Robert Dean Bezona, of Bellingham, Washington wrote my parents to see if they knew anything about the Bezona family.  Naturally, they passed it on to me.  It was through this almost 50-year search that started when I tried to find out where my father’s father had gone when he left his family in Savannah, Missouri, when my father was just 7 years old, that I continually wanted to know more.  I found him and had to tell my father that he had died the same year as his mother, 1936; he in California and she in Missouri, that I knew I was “hooked” and wanted to know much much more!  As you now know, that led me to Roberto and Italy.

Please take care and know that our family is a loving one and really wants to stay close to one another, so lets stay in touch.  Please remember that you are always welcome in our home and if you ever come this way, there is a bedroom waiting just for you!

Much love,  David Henry Bezona (Son of Henry Nathan, grandson of Elbert B., great grandson of John Henry, great great grandson of John Baptist Bezona/Giovanni Battista Bisoglio of Italy)

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Lineage of JBB from Lu Monferrato

David H. Bezona provides the lineage of JBB from Lu Monferrato, home of the Bisoglio Family:

Johannes Baptiste Bisoglio (Gian Battista Bisoglio) (aka John Baptist Bezona in USA)

January 27, 1795 (Could have been born in December, 1794)
Baptized in San Giacomo (Saint James) Catholic Church, Lu Monferrato, Alessandria, Piemonte, Italy

Father and Mother (Padre e Madre)
Ignazio Gaetano Bisoglio and Marta Caterina Rollino
Married, February 1, 1785

Grandparents (Nonno e Nonna)
Pietro Georgio Bisoglio and Antonia Pozzo
Married, January 27, 1760

Great Grandparents (Bisnonno e Bisnonna)
Gaetano Bisoglio and Tommasa or Tommasina

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Reunion Hotel Reservations at Palazzo Paleologi in Lu

Palazzo Paleologi

Palazzo Paleologi

Thanks to Roberto Bisoglio and David Bezona, the reunion hotel in Lu Monferrato is providing a discount group rate for our stay. The hotel is called the Palazzo Paleologi. Click here for web page in English. For other languages, see list at top right of the page.

The easiest way to contact the hotel is by email to:

The rates are as follows:

  • 50 Euros (or €)  for one adult in a single room with breakfast.
  •  € 30 per adult in a double room (€ 60 for a double with two people) with breakfast.

To get these rates, refer to “riunione della famiglia Bisoglio”.

The breakfast is continental style with coffee, croissants, jam etc. For €5 more, you can order sausage, eggs, bacon etc.

The reunion is June 20-21, 2015.

Roberto is arranging a Piedmont dinner on June 20 for €30 per person. He is also going to put together a list of things to do together in Lu.

We are excited to finally bring Bisoglios together from around the world to celebrate our heritage next year in the birthplace of JBB. Thanks to everyone who is helping to make this happen.

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Update: in Italiano and Español

Update: Spanish added too.

We have added a translate option in the top right hand portion of this page. Just select Italian to translate into Italian. Select English to return.

This will help our Italian relatives who are not fluent in English.

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David Bezona Sings for his Supper

As many of you know, David Henry Bezona sings opera so it was no surprise that he sung for his dinner while visiting relatives in Italy in 2011. Roberto Bisoglio posted a YouTube video of him singing Santa Lucia in Italian.


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JBB Baptism Certificate

Roberto Bisloglio has sent a copy of Jean Baptiste Bezona (Bisoglio)’s baptism certificate. It is in Latin (of course) and Roberto has provided a translation. Here is the JBB baptism portion of a page of baptisms. See below for that page. Click on image for full size.JBB-BaptismCert-editOriginal Latin:

Anno millesimo septagesimo novagesimo quinto, die viginti sesto, januarii, filius Ignatii Geatanii filii Petri Georgi Bisoglio, et Mariae Catharinae coniugi huius Parocciae, a me intrascripto ipsamet die baptisabutur, et vocabutur Johannes Baptista. Denantes sunt Franciscus Bollari, Rochae Grimaldae Diocesis, Aquesis huius incola sub paroccia … at orsola … filia Ca, Rollino huius parocciae. In quo fida .. . Gaetano Rota, arcipeter St. Jacobus

English Translation:

In the year 1795 on the 26th of January, the son of Ignatius Gaetan, son of Peter Giorgio Bisoglio, and his wife Mary Catherine (Rollino), married in this parish, I have baptized and transcribed, the son is called JOHANNES BABTISTA. The witnesses are Francis Bollari, Rocca Grimalda of the diocese of Acqui. In Piety, Archpriest Gaetano Rota of St. James

We are excited to finally have a copy of his baptism certificate and we thank Roberto for providing a copy of it and for the translations.

The complete copy of the page of baptisms is here (click for full size):


Here is a photo of St. James church where JBB was baptized:

bisoglio bezona Lu church where JBB baptizedThis is the St. James church of our family in Lu Monferrato! In the year 2011 in this Church Prof. David Bezona discovered the birth certificate of our common ancestor Johannes Baptista Bisoglio (JBB). Under the floor of the church, according to ancient custom, are buried many of our ancestors Bisoglio.

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Bezona-Bisoglio Family Reunion June 20-21, 2015 in Italy

The dates are set for the reunion according to David Bezona who is working out the details with Dr. Roberto Bisoglio who lives in Casale Monferrato, Italy.

The reunion is the weekend of June 20 -21, 2015 in Lu Monferrato. The dates could expand a bit so stay tuned for additional information.

David says that Roberto is taking the week off before and after that weekend to help serve as a guide for visitors to who might want to visit various places while there.  He will arrange a wine tasting and some other activities as desired.  The region is known for two of Italy’s most famous (and expensive) wines: Barolo and Barbaresco.  It’s so easy to catch a train from Alessandria over to Verona (summer opera in the Roman coliseum), or further to Padua (the tomb of Saint Anthony), or just a little further to Venice.  The train comes into the center of Venice.  One simply goes out the front door and gets on Traghetto #1; it goes all the way back and forth across the Grand Canal to St. Mark’s piazza.

For travel arrangements, it’s possible to fly into either Turin (Torino) or Milan (Milano) and either pick up a rental car or simply ride the train inexpensively to Alessandria or Casale, where Roberto lives.

David says it should be an exciting adventure to come back to the place where our first grandfather John Baptist Bezona was born and grew up.

Here is a Google Map of Lu:

Note that Lu is close to Alessandria and is about halfway between Milan and Turin.

David is going to send a letter to the Bisoglio families in Italy to invite them to the reunion.

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The Accomplished Actor Val Bisoglio

Actor Val Bisoglio (photo from

Actor Val Bisoglio (photo from

Val Bisoglio is a distant cousin of our family who is an accomplished character actor.  He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. He played the role of John Travolta’s father in the hit movie Saturday Night Fever and was a regular on the long running TV show Quincy M.E.  which starred Jack Klugman. He has also appeared in the Sopranos, Starsky and Hutch, All in the Family, Kojak and other TV shows and movies.   He was born on May 7, 1926 in New York City.

For more info, click on this link Internet Movie Database.

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Bezona – Bisoglio Family Meeting June 2015

Roberto Bisoglio writes to promote a family meeting between the Bezona’s and the Bisoglio’s in June 2015. He includes an excellent graphic.

Meeting between the Bisoglio and Bezona families in June 2015

Meeting between the Bisoglio and Bezona families in June 2015

He writes: “I’ve developed something on Facebook. I attach a small reminder about the next meeting of the families Bezona – Bisoglio. If you want to give publicity on this on the Bezona site this  is super. I hope to collaborate together on our super project. Now, with friendship and sympathy a huge hugs from Piemont to you and to cousin Jeannie!! Robi Bisoglio”

This sounds really exciting. Look to this web page for more information.

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Hubbard Family Tree

David Henry Bezona provided us with a printed copy of a lengthy family tree which has been posted. Click on the Hubbard Family Menu above or click here.

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