Bezona-Bisoglio Family Reunion June 20-21, 2015 in Italy

The dates are set for the reunion according to David Bezona who is working out the details with Dr. Roberto Bisoglio who lives in Casale Monferrato, Italy.

The reunion is the weekend of June 20 -21, 2015 in Lu Monferrato. The dates could expand a bit so stay tuned for additional information.

David says that Roberto is taking the week off before and after that weekend to help serve as a guide for visitors to who might want to visit various places while there.  He will arrange a wine tasting and some other activities as desired.  The region is known for two of Italy’s most famous (and expensive) wines: Barolo and Barbaresco.  It’s so easy to catch a train from Alessandria over to Verona (summer opera in the Roman coliseum), or further to Padua (the tomb of Saint Anthony), or just a little further to Venice.  The train comes into the center of Venice.  One simply goes out the front door and gets on Traghetto #1; it goes all the way back and forth across the Grand Canal to St. Mark’s piazza.

For travel arrangements, it’s possible to fly into either Turin (Torino) or Milan (Milano) and either pick up a rental car or simply ride the train inexpensively to Alessandria or Casale, where Roberto lives.

David says it should be an exciting adventure to come back to the place where our first grandfather John Baptist Bezona was born and grew up.

Here is a Google Map of Lu:

Note that Lu is close to Alessandria and is about halfway between Milan and Turin.

David is going to send a letter to the Bisoglio families in Italy to invite them to the reunion.

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