JBB Baptism Certificate

Roberto Bisloglio has sent a copy of Jean Baptiste Bezona (Bisoglio)’s baptism certificate. It is in Latin (of course) and Roberto has provided a translation. Here is the JBB baptism portion of a page of baptisms. See below for that page. Click on image for full size.JBB-BaptismCert-editOriginal Latin:

Anno millesimo septagesimo novagesimo quinto, die viginti sesto, januarii, filius Ignatii Geatanii filii Petri Georgi Bisoglio, et Mariae Catharinae coniugi huius Parocciae, a me intrascripto ipsamet die baptisabutur, et vocabutur Johannes Baptista. Denantes sunt Franciscus Bollari, Rochae Grimaldae Diocesis, Aquesis huius incola sub paroccia … at orsola … filia Ca, Rollino huius parocciae. In quo fida .. . Gaetano Rota, arcipeter St. Jacobus

English Translation:

In the year 1795 on the 26th of January, the son of Ignatius Gaetan, son of Peter Giorgio Bisoglio, and his wife Mary Catherine (Rollino), married in this parish, I have baptized and transcribed, the son is called JOHANNES BABTISTA. The witnesses are Francis Bollari, Rocca Grimalda of the diocese of Acqui. In Piety, Archpriest Gaetano Rota of St. James

We are excited to finally have a copy of his baptism certificate and we thank Roberto for providing a copy of it and for the translations.

The complete copy of the page of baptisms is here (click for full size):


Here is a photo of St. James church where JBB was baptized:

bisoglio bezona Lu church where JBB baptizedThis is the St. James church of our family in Lu Monferrato! In the year 2011 in this Church Prof. David Bezona discovered the birth certificate of our common ancestor Johannes Baptista Bisoglio (JBB). Under the floor of the church, according to ancient custom, are buried many of our ancestors Bisoglio.

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