An Update from David Henry Bezona

Dear Bezona Family,

I hope all is well with you and your respective families.  Brenda and I have been out of touch for the past few months since we’ve moved to the middle (almost) of the United States; St. Joseph, Missouri.  St. Joseph and the area around St. Joe on both sides of the Missouri River from Kansas City to Savanah is the center of my personal Bezona family; that of John Henry Bezona, the younger brother of George Albert Bezona.  George Albert, or G.A., is the Bezona descendent for most of you who will receive this email.  John Henry is my great grandfather and he is buried in a country cemetery just over the Missouri-Kansas border; just outside of Troy, Kansas.  After he was discharged from the American Civil War, he moved his family to a farm near Troy, Kansas.  George Albert, who called himself Bezoni after the war because his discharge papers were so written, eventually moved back to his farm in Texas County, Missouri.  He and his wife Rosetta are buried outside of a rural deserted church in Texas County.

The Bezona Family of this area is almost completely gone with children and grand children of my aunt Georgia Bezona Fisher Hape keeping the family reunion together.  The first documented gathering of the family I could find was in 1923 but we are sure the family has held a Bezona Family Reunion every year in St. Joseph or the immediate vicinity since 1925, so last year it celebrated its 90th consecutive year of meeting.  The reunion is always held the second Sunday of August and for most of those years; held in St. Joseph.

As most of you are aware, we were finally able to trace our heritage back to Italy through a DNA test between myself and Dr. Roberto Bisoglio, of Casale Monferrato, Italy.  The result was a 99.93%  exact DNA match between the two of us; proving our exact original Italian name of Bisoglio.  During this past year in June, an international Bezona-Bisoglio Family Reunion was held in the small Piedmont village of Lu Monferrato with combined family members arriving from as far away as Argentina and Australia.  Our American cousins came from Washington, Texas, Ohio, Hawaii, Colorado and California.  The Italian reunion was one of those “Once in a Lifetime” occasions and mostly created and led by Roberto Bisoglio and our cousin Mauro Bisoglio, who lives directly in Lu.

This whole search for my family started back in 1967 when an unknown cousin, Robert Dean Bezona, of Bellingham, Washington wrote my parents to see if they knew anything about the Bezona family.  Naturally, they passed it on to me.  It was through this almost 50-year search that started when I tried to find out where my father’s father had gone when he left his family in Savannah, Missouri, when my father was just 7 years old, that I continually wanted to know more.  I found him and had to tell my father that he had died the same year as his mother, 1936; he in California and she in Missouri, that I knew I was “hooked” and wanted to know much much more!  As you now know, that led me to Roberto and Italy.

Please take care and know that our family is a loving one and really wants to stay close to one another, so lets stay in touch.  Please remember that you are always welcome in our home and if you ever come this way, there is a bedroom waiting just for you!

Much love,  David Henry Bezona (Son of Henry Nathan, grandson of Elbert B., great grandson of John Henry, great great grandson of John Baptist Bezona/Giovanni Battista Bisoglio of Italy)

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