Bisoglio Photos Taken by David Henry Bezona

Here are some photos taken by David Henry Bezona during his trip to Italy in 2011. (Click on the photo to display a larger version.)

1. Lu Monferrato, Province of Alessandria, Italy: This the ancestral Village of the BISOGLIO Family as it looked in July 2011. 1-LuMonferrato2. BISOGLIO Family Church: St. Giacomo (St. James) exterior with Bell Tower located in Lu Monferrato, Italy.


3. Pietro BISOGLIO family picture:  Pietro is in the first row, 2nd from the Left; Evasio is in the third row, last on the Right; Ezio is in the second row, 2nd from the Left; Carlo is in the second row, 5th from the Left.


4. Pietro BISOGLIO [born 1866, died 1945] is the father of Carlo Bisoglio and grandfather of Eugenio Bisoglio.

4-PietroBisoglio5. Francesco BISOGLIO [ born October 9, 1869, died January 3, 1949] is the brother of Pietro Bisoglio and great uncle of Eugenio Bisoglio [born 1938].


6. Evasio BISOGLIO [born July 5, 1901, died ?] is the brother of Carlo Bisoglio  and the uncle of Eugenio Bisoglio.

6-EvasioBisoglio7. A closer view of above photo of Evasio BISOGLIO

7-EvasioBisoglio8. Ezio BISOGLIO [born November 2, 1929, died July 6, 2002] is the brother of  Carlo Bisoglio and uncle of Eugenio Bisoglio.

8-EzioBisoglio9. Another view of above photo of Ezio BISOGLIO

9-EzioBisoglio10. Carlo BISOGLIO is the father of Eugenio Bisoglio born in Cuccaro Monferrato.

10-CarloBisoglio11. Eugenio BISOGLIO [born 1938; age 72 in July 2011].  Lives in Serralunga di Crea, Italy. Children: Elisabetta [born 1963]; Alberto [born 1965]
Eugenio’s Ancesters:

Great Great Grandfather:Giovanni Battista Bisoglio (JBB?)
Great Grandfather:Valerio Bisoglio
Grandfather:Pietro Bisoglio
Father:Carlo Bisoglio


12. Mauro BISOGLIO [born 1952 in Lu Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy]
Mauro’s Ancesters:

Great Grandfather:Michele Bisoglio
Grandfather:Agostino Bisoglio [born 1899, died 1980]
Father:Massimo Bisoglio [born 1926, died 1984]
Mauro’s Brother:Augusto Bisoglio [born 1963]
Mauro’s Children:Massiomo [born 1983]
Alberto [born 1988]

12-MauroBisoglio13. Mauro Bisoglio and his wife, Emilie Trisoglio at their home in Lu Monferrato

13-MauroBisoglio-Emilie14. Alberto Bisoglio [born 1988] with his mother, Emilie Trisoglio