Update: More Bisoglio Family Photos Added

Update: More photos of the Edoardo Bisoglio Family. Click here or Click on Bisoglio above and select Bisoglio Photos 2.

A page of photos taken by David Henry Bezona during his trip to Italy in 2011 have been added. Here is a sample photo.


1. Lu Monferrato, Province of Alessandria, Italy: This the ancestral Village of the BISOGLIO Family as it looked in July 2011.

Click here to go to the page. They are also available on the Bisoglio Menu above.


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Linda Fossen Moves to Washington State

David Henry Bezona writes of Linda Fossen’s move to Washington State

Dear Bezona Family:

I want those of you who live in the great northwest of Washington State to welcome one of our cousins to the community. Linda Fossen is the new Vice President of Student Services at the Bellingham (WA) Technical College. She was formerly the Vice President of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY; about 100 miles south of where I live in greater Cincinnati, Ohio, where I first met her.

Linda is related to us through our Hubbard Family of Oakfield, WI. She grew up in Montana in a big family and is a real farm girl!

The Bezona/Bezoni Family is related to the Hubbard Family by Mary Eveline Bezona, the sister of George Albert and John Henry Bezona, who married Ruggles Hubbard in Genesee County, NY (township of Oakfield, NY) and later, traveled to Fond du Lac County, WI. With the help of Ruggles’ father, Hugh Hubbard, the Hubbard Family helped found the village of Oakfield, WI.

Many of us are related to the Hubbard Family through the marriage of Mary Eveline to Ruggles Hubbard. I am doubly related because my great grandfather, John Henry Bezona, married Mary Eveline’s oldest daughter, Mary Jane Hubbard; making Mary Eveline both my great great aunt and my great great grandmother.

Linda is a member of the DAR, so if any of you have an interest in joining, you can do so on the information she assembled for her own membership. Likewise for the men of the family, the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution).

In addition, I continue to talk to our Italian branch (better said; the original Bezona/Bezoni Family in northern Italy); Roberto Bisoglio, via Skype. He is an avid long-distance bike rider and he photographs a lot of Italy from his helmet cam.

I am including some connections to Youtube of Roberto’s videos.  His sister, Christina (Cristina Bisoglio) just married in July and that film work is also shown below.

July/27/2012 wedding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cPMTjPk8JU
Aug/13/2012 Bike ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MavYCCjlOg
Oct/12/2012 Bike ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf5USfMO47Q
Nov/2/2012 Bike ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csxnBOqvH_k

Let’s stay better connected, please.
David H Bezona

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Mary Ilene Bezona Obituary

Here is the Obituary published in the Pueblo, Colorado Chieftain. She was a lovely lady and we will all miss her.   Jeannie

Mary Ilene Bezona, died Oct. 23, 2011, from complications suffered from pneumonia. She was 79.

Mary Ilene Bezona

Bezona was born in Skarda, N.M., on Jan. 8, 1932, the fourth child of five born to Pinkney W. and Hattie V. “Dot” Pearson. She had grown up in several different locales as a child when her family eventually settled in Holly, Colo., where she graduated the eighth grade and met her future husband.

On Dec. 17, 1948, she married Paul Gerald Bezona in Raton, N.M. The couple resided in Granada, Colo., where two daughters, Tecla and Teala, were born. They then moved to Pinon, Colo., where she began her prowess at homemaking and child rearing. She cooked and sewed and helped with farm animals. It was at this time she became a rodeo fan after having to help haul calf roping horses to local competitions. The couple then laid roots in Pueblo on Highway 78 where two more daughters, Talca and Tonya, were born and where they lived for 22 years.

During this time, the family formed a band, Paul and the Three T’s. The band played area dances and occasions in the 1960’s and 70’s and she was the costume designer, seamstress and was the band’s biggest fan and critic.

Mary was eventually employed by Lil’s Cake Cottage where she perfected the art of baking and decorating cakes. She also worked for several local families cleaning houses.  She never retired from her homemaking responsibilities and was an active member of the family helping to raise grandchildren and great- grandchildren, all the while teaching others to entertain, bake, sew, crochet and craft. She was an avid Denver Broncos fan and loved fishing.

Mary Ilene Bezona

At the time of her death, she attended the women’s bible study and services at Fellowship of the Rockies and was a previous member of the Minnequa University Club. She was preceded in death by her husband of 56 years, Paul G. Bezona; parents, Pinkney W. and Hattie V. Pearson; step-mother, Edith; brother, Pinkney; sisters, Mona Schwabe, Orpha Tweedy. She is survived by daughters, Tecla D. (Ernie) Chamblin; Teala D. Bezona (Tony); Talca D. (George) Woods; Tonya D. (Tony) Pinelle; grandchildren, Paulette (Shayne) O’Hotto; Clint (Kris) Chamblin; Georgette (David) Book; Brandie (Mark) Jackson; Shanalee McGhee; Tarah (Jim) Damgaard; Nicki (Mike) Banuelos; Chris (Robbin) Pinelle; 19 great-grandchildren; brother, Delbert (Dee) Pearson and his family. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

There will be no viewing. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium. Memorial service, 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011, at the Montgomery & Steward Chapel with Pastor Danny Bryant officiating. In lieu of flowers and food, donations may be made to Sangre de Cristo Hospice or Pueblo City Park Carousel through the funeral home.

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Albert Peter Bezona Family Notes from Joy Ann Richards Peterson

Joy Ann Richards Peterson has shared some Bezona family history.  Joy’s great grandfather, Albert Peter Bezona, is the child described in the Civil War article from 1862.  That article may be found on this web page here.  Joy also included some intersting history that links her “Bezona” family to Robert E. Lee.  An interesting read!  Thank you, Joy, for sharing.  I welcome others to add their information (and photos)about the family history.  Jeannie

Hi Jeannie,

After doing some more research, my great grandfather was Albert Peter Bezona, twin to Alfred T. Bezona.
Born June 9, 1857 in Niagra Falls, NY.  Therefore, as you said, George Albert Bezona was my G G grandfather.

Albert Peter Bezona (1857-1906) married Mary Alice Carter (1865-1905) in 1878 in Roubidoux, Missouri.

Diverting FYI:  Mary Alice Carter, descended from Anne Hill Carter of the famous Shirley Plantation in Virginia, who in 1793 at the age of 20, married the celebrated General Henry Lee III ( also known as “LightHorse Harry Lee”) governor of Virginia (1791-1794)…their known children include Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Story handed down:  Anne Hill Carter in life had a serious illness and was layed in a vault for dead.  The caretaker passing by heard a noise.  He opened the vault and found Anne was alive.  She regained her health and 15 months later she gave birth to Robert E. Lee on January 19, 1807.

Charles Carter, grandfather of Robert E. Lee, was the largest slaveholder and cattle raiser in the State.

In 1934, almost 130 yrs. after the event in the vault, the details were printed in The Washington Post.

Getting back to Bezonas: Albert Peter Bezona & Mary Alice Carter had 14 children of that union:
4th Generation Bezona:

Rose Etta Bezona (1879), Virgie Bezona (1880), Fred W. Bezona (1881-1927), Francis Oma Bezona (1883), Bertha Bezona (1884), John E. Bezona (1886), Albert Wayne Bezona (12/15/1887), Eunice Bezona (1889), Opal Bezona (1892), Alfred Anson Bezona (1894), Alta Faye Bezona (6/12/1897), Glen A. Bezona (1900), Leah Bezona (1901), Mildred Louise Bezona (1904).

My maternal grandmother, Alta Faye Bezona, was born June 12, 1897 in Roubidoux, Texas County, Missouri.  She died on Jan. 14, 1964 in Houston, Harris Co., TX

Alta Faye Bezona married Zeno T. Thomas on June 13, 1913 in Wagoner, OK.  They had 6 children: 

5th Generation Bezona:

Denver Lee Thomas (1914-1960) Houston, TX….4 living children…..16 grandchildren….more g grandchildren

Marguerite Bernice Thomas (1917-2002) Houston, TX….2 living children…5 grandchildren…6 g granchildren

Violet Virginia Thomas (1916) Warren, Montana – (1918) Bearcreek, Montana
Jack W. Thomas (1919) Warren, Montana – (1987) Fullerton, Calif.
Mary Jo Thomas (1921) Okmulgee, OK – (1939) Oklahoma City, OK
Frances Catherine Thomas Richards (1922) Okmulgee, OK…2 living children…5 grandchildren…6 g grandchildren

My mother, Frances Catherine Thomas Richards, is 89 yrs. old and the last living of her siblings in Houston, TX.

My Father Dr. Fred Adams Richards died March 14, 1991 in Houston, TX

6th Generation Bezona:

Sue Zan Richards Carrizal (1945) w/2 children & 4 grandchildren of Houston, TX

Joy Ann Richards Peterson (1947) w/3 sons & 2 grandsons of Houston, TX

Next time I’ll share some interesting info w/you about Alta Faye Bezona’s brother, Fred W. Bezona (1881-1927), who was a famous Fur Trader with Eskimos in the Arctic.

Hope all this info helps you with your genealogical history.

Your new 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th Cousin? Joy

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Story of Civil War Skirmish with Rebels

This is the story of GEORGE ALBERT BEZONA (Bezoni) and JOHN HENRY BEZONA (Bezoni) who were involved in a Civil War skirmish in 1862.

This story is especially meaningful to me, Jeannie Ann Bezona Nix, because it is part of the family lore recounted in part by my Dad, Scott Ervin Bezona, during my childhood.  Albert Bezoni, who caught the spent bullet, was the twin brother of my Great Grand Father, Alfred Tenbrook Bezona.  Alfred was also in the house and my Dad’s account told of Alfred and Albert hiding behind an upturned table and under the bed.  [Although they were twins, Albert and his descendents use “Bezoni” while Alfred and his descendents use “Bezona”.  My Dad explained that his Grandfather, my Great Grandfather used Bezona with an “a” in hope of deflecting some of the prejudice focused against Italians during that era.  Others attribute the different spelling to the pronunciation of “Missouri” as “Missour”a

In January 1862, George Albert Bezona and John Henry Bezona were living in Texas County Missouri.  They were part of the Two Woods Calvary.  Special Correspondents of the Missouri Democratin St. Louis Missouri reported the following account of a Civil War Skirmish.

John Henry Bezona

John Henry Bezona circa 1864

Rolla, Missouri January 31, 1862:         —        The history of the rebellion in this State will exhibit no more gallant instances of heroism, than the following account of a remarkable siege.  Two men held out over one hour against the attack of twenty-five before [the rebels] were forced to withdraw.

To begin three of Wood’s Cavalry went to visit the house of George A. Bezoni in Texas County, near the village of Houston in Roubideaux Township.  Their names were John [Henry] Bezoni, John Weddell, and Orderly Sergeant Mack.  The owner of the house, George [Albert] Bezoni, had gone on a visit to a sick man, five miles distant from the house.


George Albert Bezoni

George Albert Bezona

On Saturday last, 25 mounted rebels under command of Captain Coleman advance towards the house occupied by the above inmates, having been informed of the presence of the Union soldier there by a spy in the neighborhood.  The rebels came up about 11:00 a.m. at the margin of the wood on the south side of the house, and separating into two divisions, one of them advanced on the main road towards the house.  The other division skulked along the edge of the wood where they captured Andrew Bezoni, a boy about sixteen, near a spring.  Seeing John Weddell passing along the path from the spring towards the house with a pail of water, ordered him to halt, Weddell obeying the order, was fired upon and shot in the back.  [Weddell] fell upon the ground disabled.  The report of the firing brought John Bezoni and Sergeant Mack out of the house.  When they discovered the first division of the rebels turning down the lane towards the house for the main road, [John] Bezoni having a loaded carbine in his hand, fired upon the advancing column and brought it to a halt.  One of the men was dismounted by his fire.  The wounded rebel was picked up, and the rebels returned to the main road, dismounted from their horses, and commenced firing into the house from the cover of the fences.  The party concealed in the woods also began to pour fire on the house from behind the trees.  Bezoni and Sergeant Mack meantime secured their pistols from the holsters on their horses’ saddles and repaired to the house for shelter.  Bezoni, taking a stand for the time being in one door, and Mack undertaking to defend the other [door].  The inmates of the house consisted of Mrs. Bezoni, wife of George [Albert Bezoni] and eight children.  The rebels evidently supposed that several men were in position ready to defend the house to the last extremity.  The balls flew so thick about the head of Mack that he was obliged to close the door and screen himself within the house.  Bezoni maintained his position at his door for some time, returning the fire of the enemy, and endeavoring to convey an impression that the house was well garrisoned.  He discovered a rebel behind a tree, who had discharged his piece several times.  Taking aim at this fellow, the latter discovered the intent of Bezoni, changed his position and took aim from the other side of [the] tree.  Both fired at the same instant, Bezoni was hit by a glance shot over his left eye.  His antagonist was evidently hit, [because] he fell forward on his face and was observed crawling away hugging the ground.  He was carried off by his companions.  At this time, [John] Bezoni procured an inch and a half augur, and commenced boring holes through the planks of the house to form loop-holes to fire from.  Two holes were bored in a place one above the other and the intervening wood was cut out, making one loop-hole.  The women engaged in this operation, and Esther, the oldest girl, was occupied in preparing cartridges and placing them on the table for the defenders.  As soon as a new loop-hole was made, the muzzle of a carbine would be run out and made to blaze away on the enemy.  The bullets of the latter would come tearing through out the house, the walls of which, being made of upright planks an inch and a quarter in thickness, and offering but little impediment to the passage of the dreadful messengers of death.  The children began to recover from their consternation.

Albert, a small boy of four years who had been ordered by his uncle to crawl into bed, had caught a spent bullet in his hand and holding it up said:  “Uncle John, here is another bullet for you”.  About this time, a suspension of hostilities took place, and Andrew Bezoni, [the taken prisoner, was sent by the rebels] on a mission to the besieged garrison.  The rebels made a proposal that if the men in the house would come out, lay their arms, and take the confederate oath, they would not be further molested.  The proposition was indignantly spurned, and the boy was sent back with an answer to that effect.  At the same time a proposition was sent to the Captain of the rebels, that if he wished to hold a personal interview with the commander at the garrison, the latter would order his men to cease firing, and he should not be injured.  On this agreement, Captain Coleman came up and held a parley with [John] Bezoni.  The result of which was a repetition by Coleman of his demand to deliver up their arms and take the oath, which Bezoni answered by offering to give ten minutes to the rebels to leave, or he would open his fire upon them with renewed vigor from the port-holes.  The parley was protracted by Bezoni in expectation that his brother [George Albert] would arrive.  Coleman, pointing to Weddell who still lay in the path where he fell, said:  “That man has a sword with him.”  Bezoni answered, “you pass that man and don’t touch him, or you [are] a dead man.” 

Coleman returned to his men, when very providentially at this time Mr. George [Albert] Bezoni was observed by the people in the house coming up.  The latter was hailed, too, and requested to hurry up and bring up his reinforcements.  At the same time, Esther, the daughter, was sent to her father to state the circumstances of their perilous situation, and requesting him not to come up as he could not pass the rebel fire in safety.  He therefore hurried back to Hull’s house to get the Texas [County] Rangers stopped there, and bring them up to the rescue of his family.  Meantime the enemy, evidently concerned for their safety, picked up their wounded, raised the siege, and gradually retired, having been worsted in the object of their visit, by the gallant defenders of the house.  After they left, Mr. Weddell was brought in, having [lain] where he was first shot over one hour.  The children went to him several times during the fight and gave him water to quench his thirst.  On these occasions he would send word back to the house.  “Tell the boys to never surrender.”  Weddell was wounded with one bullet and five buckshot, but he will get well.  Several blankets were left on the ground by the rebels.  The house on two sides, is pretty well riddled with bullet holes and in view of this fact, it is wonderful that the inmates of the besieged dwelling escaped with [only] a scratch.  Coleman, the leader is an old Rolla citizen and left when the troops arrived in that place.

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Bisoglio Photos – Do you know who they are?

Dennis Bisoglio of Ellenville, NY, sent us a link to some old Bisoglio family photos in Italy. Unfortunately, there are no names associated with the photos. There are two links labelled Bisoglio photos:



If you know any of these people let us know by clicking on Contact and send us a message.

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A Final Hello from David Henry Bezona in Italy

This will be my last letter/email from Italy.  I spent the day with Eugenio Bisoglio from Serralunga di Crea and said goodbye to a really nice man and his wife.  In our drive there, the skies were quite clear and we could see the Alps with snow still on their tops.  We went through his family tree and decided that our great great grandfather’s, Giovanni Battista Bisoglio, could have been born about the same time.  He doesn’t know for sure his great great grandfather’s birth date but by judging the lives of the sons, grandsons and great grandsons, etc, we came up with a simliar date.  Remember, his GGgrandfather died and is buried in Italy!  It actually seemed possible that they were one and the same but for their place of death. 

I spent a great evening with Mauro Bisoglio, wife and son, in Lu Monferrato last Monday, July 18th.  He drove me over to Cuccaro (the supposed home village of Christoforo Columbo/our Christopher Columbus) and through several other small villages.  It is no wonder our JBB thought he could just walk off from his regiment in New York.  The villages around Lu are close:  3 kilometers, 5 kilometers, and so on.  It’s impossible to be more than 5 km away from another village.  Can you all imagine the forrests and space to run in northern New York State in 1813/1814?  It would have been impossible to do the same in or around the area of Lu, Cuccaro, Casale or even Alessandria    We went over the many records I had found in the civil records of Lu and he (perhaps, it was his wife, Emilia Trisoglio) stated that he would begin work on the Bisoglio/Lu genealogy.  He has the opportunity because it is his church (St. Giacomo/St. James).  They live just 200 meters from the church in a beautiful setting overlooking the entire valley with three other small villages in the distance.  Of course, as an engineer, he has built his own castle!  I also showed Mauro how I had gone to several cemeteries and taken pictures, with dates, of deceased Bisoglio’s.  That actually could be a good thing for our American cemeteries because besides the life dates, there is always a good picture of the person in life here in Italy.   I should have done that in Lu when I was there alone – there are always some things that should have been done, please remember.  Besides, the cemetery is outside of the village.  So, he said he would do that and send the pictures and their relationships as well as he could to the Bezona.net site.

I have many pictures and other information to download when I return to Cincinnati this Saturday.  I send my love to all of you and wish that I could have been a little more complete and found the exact family connection from the USA to Italy.  Brenda and I have finally gotten into the 21st century with SKYPE and so some of us who are interested can do some actual talking to one another with a face and all that means!

I will see Roberto Bisoglio this evening about 9 PM, his usual pickup time for me after his 2/3 hours of cycling.  Believe it or not, the Bezona’s are in much better contact with one another than the Bisoglio’s who live just a few miles from one another.  In fact, I introduced Eugenio Bisoglio to Mauro Bisoglio and his wife today; for the first time in their lives, although they live only about 15 miles from one another.  Roberto also told me that my endurance has stimulated him to start work for us in the USA relating to the Bisoglio Family located here in the province of Alessandria.  That will be a big help to us in the states!

So, for me, this is REALLY about all!

Much love to each of you,

Davide Enrico Bisoglio Bezona

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Letter from David Henry Bezona – one week left in Italy

Hello to all interested parties once more:

Yes, I am still in Casale and looking forward to coming home and sleeping in a GOOD BED!  I will be leaving here on July 22nd and flying out of Milano at 6:55 AM on July 23rd and arriving in Cincinnati, Ohio, via Paris, at 2 PM and still on the 23rd of July.  So, if any of you wish to call me, add 6 hours ahead from the East Coast, please.  That means Central 7 hours, Mountain 8 hours and Pacific 9 hours time that Italy is ahead.  For that reason, I arrive at home on the same day I leave Italy!  For you, it is simple:  513-237-3636: just like in the states.  Please do watch the time.  I go to bed about midnight.

Nothing really new to report regarding the family.  I had a meeting with Mauro Bisoglio, the engineer from Lu Monferrato with offices in Casale and Milano, and I will meet his entire family in Lu next Monday (I think) – my Italian has not improved that much in 3 weeks!  I talk to Roberto Bisoglio every day and see him about every other day.  He has been very helpful personally but knows little more than what I’ve been able to tell him about the extended Bisoglio Family.  I am meeting other members of his family tomorrow evening.  Most of the Bisoglio’s work, so it is just like in the USA, unless you are not working, one does not have all that much time to “shepherd guests from another world” around!  Look him up on Facebook and meet him.  He tells me that there is the possibility to do a complete genetic family history of where a family may have been begun and lived.  He says that a Swiss clinic is offering this service ($$$$) and he is going to look into it this fall.  It is supposed to tell the client exactly where a family has begun since the ice ages and where they have been present in Europe.  We’ll see!

I plan to spend next Tuesday and Wednesday, if need be, in both the Diocese of Alessandria historical library (sub-diocese to Casale) and the Civic Historical Library of Alessandria.  I have been in contact with two Bisoglio’s from Alessandria but they do not seem to be interested.  Too bad.  Mauro Bisoglio asked me just last Wednesday the very same question that some of you have probably already asked.  Am I SURE that the Giovanni Battista Bisoglio born in the ancestral Bisoglio Family Church, St. Giacomo Catholic Church in Lu Monferrato, is OUR JBB.  I did have to smile and say; how about 95% sure!

Professor Meni did say that it was not uncommon for a person who didn’t speak perfect English (or any new language) to mix up what was being asked, like a wedding anniversary date of the parents with the birth date.  As I stated once before, the date given by the baptism records show that it was a baptism only and no one can tell from that date the actual birth date.  Since it was in January, JBB may have been born several months before depending on the weather.  Unless I find something that is contrary to what I’ve found, OUR JBB WAS THAT MAN!!

I did spend a day with Eugenio Bisoglio in Serralunga di Crea (Monferrato) last Wednesday.  Eugenio is the same age as I am (72) and also has a great great grandfather named Gian Battista Bisoglio.  The difference for him is that he died in Italy!!  And, his family’s generations seem much closer than ours seem to be.

If you call, please remember the time differences.  I welcome the calls and any suggestions related to my search.  The time for my departure is drawing closer.


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Letter from David Henry Bezona in Italy

Dear Bezona, Bezoni, Bisoglio and Friends of the Family:

I haven’t written lately because nothing much has happened.  I’m in Roberto Bisoglio’s apartment tonight and he has promised to upload several pictures. One of them is Mauro Bisoglio who is a Lu Monferrato resident. Others pictures of interest might be the church of St. Giacomo/St. James in Lu Monferrato where the Bisoglio Family have traditionally been members. You’ll notice I always attach the Monferrato name  because no one in this part of the country would recognize the name if I didn’t include it.

Mauro Bisoglio and David Bezona

Mauro Bisoglio and David Bezona at Casale Monferrato July, 2011

I spent the day in Lu today and that, alone, is a story.  No one in Casale could actually tell me if there was a bus to Lu. I knew there was a bus from Alessandria to Lu but that meant taking a bus or train from Casale to Alessandria first.  I knew I could get to Mirobello (8 km away from Lu) and I just assumed there would be a bus to take me further – NO – end of the road in that direction! I asked if there was a taxi (they all looked at me as if I was crazy and said NO to that, too)!  One guy stepped forward from the group of men and said, I`ll take you to Lu, it`s just up the road – this was all said actually after I played the lost and dazed American!  Well, I got to Lu at 9:10 AM and there was not much happening.

I found the church (St. Giacomo) where I had done the research last week and it was locked, of course.  I saw the sign that indicated (uphill) the village’s administration office (city hall) and trudged up the steep street in that direction. Now when I say steep, I’m talking about at least a 45% slant to the street.  I don’t believe that’s allowed in the states.  Remember, Lu was a Roman outpost and the village truly sits atop a large and steep hill!  They were so surprised to see and meet an American in Lu that they immediately found the one person in the building who could speak a little English. I tried to figure out what kind of civil records I could fined that would help located the continuing Bisoglio Family and they said there were no records before the 1860’s of that nature.

I did some amateur sleuthing and found that they did have records of young men of military age from as far back as the 1790’s and so after much coaxing, two men came up with old military induction records.  I found many Bisoglio men, listed with their parents, but not one who`s mother was a Rollino – believe me, it was much easier to look at old hand-written records in this way.  I looked all the way up to 1816 without any further luck.

I’m taking Dr. Meni to dinner on Thursday evening, so maybe I can persuade her to go back to St. Giacomo once more to look at the Ignazio Gaetano or Pietro Giorgio Bisoglio Families a little closer and a little further through the years. As I may have said, the family undoubtedly thought that Giovanni Battista had died somewhere during the time since he never came back. I will try to find a way in the remaining 11 days I’m here.  In the meantime, both Roberto and I send our love.  By the way, you can find Roberto Bisoglio on Facebook and I am listed as David Bezona.

I forgot one thing.  Eugenio Bisoglio of Serralunga di Crea is picking me up tomorrow for the day.  I actually think I found information about his family and not mine.

Good night to all, Davide

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Notes and Corrections from David Henry Bezona

This is David again. It is Friday, July 8, and somehow, I feel a bit let down after finding the results submitted earlier.

I want to correct a few errors I made.  The historical church in Lu of which the Bisoglio Family have always been members is San Giacomo/St. James, not St. George as I earlier posted.  Just a slip of thought, I guess.  Gian Baptiste’s mother was a Rolina at the time of his birth and as I said before, women would keep their maiden names throughout life. That means his grandfather on his mother’s side was a Rolino. Women at that time would end their name in the feminine with an “a”, men with an “o.”  The name that still is common in Lu is now spelled Rollino, for both men and women of the family and with two “l’s.”

The other error that needs to be corrected somewhat is the name of the village.  It was a Roman outpost/garrison because the village (commune for small villages such as Lu) is built atop a hill and one can see the entire area surrounding the village.  It’s Roman name was simply LV, there was no “U” used and it was the number of stones or leagues or whatever marking Romans used away from Torino, I guess (perhaps Alessandria, I don’t really know.)  Anyway, that’s 55 something or other.

Just a little additional information. The Bishop of the Diocese of Monferrato sits in Casale, not Alessandria.  It is the province of Alessandria but Casale has the Bishop of the Catholic Church and a Cathedral

My next question for Professor Manuele Meni, if I can induce her to go a little further in helping me, is to see just which of the Bisoglio Family’s still in Lu are our direct descendents! 

That’s all I’ve really got for today.  I hope to meet more of the Bisoglio Family this weekend but I will wait and see.  By the way, there is also a history of twins in the Bisoglio Family which the old records I copied show; like George Albert Bezona’s family line.  I do plan to go to Alessandria next week to see what information I can find in the civil historical records.  Births, deaths, marriages were not recorded in civil records until 1836; JBB was already in the USA then, of course.  I will try to attach our family directly to a living Bisoglio Family in the next two weeks.  I return to Cincinnati, Ohio on July 22, 2011.

Arrividerci miei parenti, Davide

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